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Delete information forever from the internet

Delete information forever from the internet

By Cristian Nardi

We specialize in providing permanent removal of unwanted information. Client anonymity is our responsibility, and all actions are clearly defined in the contract. Our priority is to select the safest method from a range of options.

Information removal goes beyond simple reputation management. It offers a sense of security, fixed guarantees, and utmost confidentiality.

Privacy G. With a 100% success guarantee, our team comprises engineers, lawyers, and conflict resolution specialists. They possess deep knowledge of website operations and search engine algorithms, enabling us to approach the task comprehensively and uncover the underlying motives of negative authors.

★ Legality. Our work strictly adheres to legal frameworks, and all employed methods are in full compliance. Clients have the ability to monitor the progress of their orders, including the stage of work and tools being utilized.

Removal Guarantee. Our contracts include a lifetime guarantee. In the rare event of negative content resurfacing, we will promptly remove it at our own expense.

Why hiring a lawyer is not the optimal choice: While an experienced lawyer may attempt to resolve the issue through preliminary means, such as sending official requests to the site hosting the negative content, the actions taken by the website’s administration remain discretionary. Deleting the post may lead to further complications, as the author can create alternative narratives. Alternatively, if a court decision is obtained to address the inconsistency of the information, it may not guarantee a desired outcome. Furthermore, resorting to legal proceedings for information removal can entail risks such as publicity, inflated costs, and considerable time investment. Even with a victory in court, the negative author can publish their content on another platform, initiating a new legal process.

Practical case: Removing outdated information. A problem arose when recruitment agency N faced a tarnished reputation due to negative feedback from former employees and clients on the internet. Subsequently, the company underwent management changes, with the new team striving to steer N out of the crisis, attract investments, update work methods, and establish new standards. Unfortunately, the negative reviews hindered the company’s ability to attract clients. Despite explaining that the negative content stemmed from the previous team, the reputation damage persisted. Our approach involved emphasizing that information removal alone would not suffice unless the agency met the expectations of its clients. We meticulously monitored and identified five portals hosting negative content about N. Tailored strategies for information removal were developed for each platform, and negotiations with the respective portal administrations took place. We effectively conveyed that the information was outdated and impeding business development, garnering support from the portal administrations. The outcome was a significant improvement in N’s reputation as an employer after removing the negative content from the top 15 search results on Google and Yandex. Agency N also revised its personnel policies and refined its services, resulting in a 30% increase in clients. The entire project spanned three months.

Take charge of your reputation. We offer a comprehensive and secure solution to address the problem at hand. Within the bounds of the law, we guarantee the confidential removal of negative content and provide a lifetime guarantee. Our focus is on solving our clients’ issues, and we are remunerated based on results rather than abstract working hours. If we fail to deliver, we offer a money-back guarantee. We strictly adhere to legal methods, eschewing threats or hacking techniques. Anonymity and reputational security for our clients are paramount. Every step we take is carefully considered. We offer various scenarios for information removal, tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each client. Deindexing is sometimes employed to hide negative content from the eyes of the target audience. By removing unwanted links from Google and Yandex search results, we ensure that the negative content remains inconspicuous. Our objective is to provide you with peace of mind regarding your reputation. Contact the Privacy Guarantor agency, and rest assured that the negative content will be removed within the specified timeframe, free from hassle and headaches.