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How to Remove Negative News Articles From Google in No Time

How to Remove Negative News Articles From Google in No Time

By Cristian Nardi

As users increasingly rely on search engines for information and research, managing online reputation has become more crucial than ever. Understanding how your presence and perception appear in Google search results is vital. According to research conducted by Go Fish Digital, a single negative article can lead to businesses risking a loss of up to 22% of their customers.

The impact of a negative news article can be detrimental to both your reputation and your business. Compounding the issue, negative coverage often remains on the first page of Google search results for an extended period, even long after the event has passed.

However, there are measures you can take to remove or minimize the damage caused by negative articles. This guide outlines the ways in which we assist our clients in removing negative news articles from search engines.

Why do news articles rank highly? When examining search results related to your online reputation, it is important to understand why news articles tend to rank prominently. News articles can easily achieve high rankings shortly after their publication and continue to appear among the top results for extended periods.

The primary reason for the strong ranking of news articles lies in the websites hosting these articles. The number of links a particular website has is one of the key factors determining its ranking on Google. In simple terms, the more links a website has, the better its pages will rank in search engines.

News sites are among the most influential sites on the internet due to the high number of links they attract. Since news stories are inherently shareable content, they tend to generate significant coverage and, consequently, numerous links from other online sources. When a news story is published, it can be shared across various platforms, including personal blogs, other news sites, syndicated articles, and more.

To estimate the power of a particular site on the web, we can refer to its “Domain Authority.” Although not an official Google metric, Domain Authority provides a rough indication of a site’s strength based on its total number of links. Domain Authority is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with sites above 80 generally considered to be among the most influential on the internet.

Examining national publications, we find that most top sites have Domain Authority scores of 90 or higher:

  • USA Today: 94 DA
  • The Wall Street Journal: 94 DA
  • The New York Times: 95 DA
  • The New York Post: 93 DA
  • Los Angeles Times: 93 DA

Even when considering local media outlets, we still observe relatively strong Domain Authority scores. For instance, in Raleigh, NC, we can look at examples of larger local outlets:

  • The News & Observer: 81 DA
  • WRAL: 82 DA
  • CBS 17: 77 DA
  • ABC 11: 81 DA

This data demonstrates why news articles rank so well. Generally, publisher sites are among the most authoritative on the web. Consequently, articles published on these sites can easily rank for less competitive keywords with minimal effort. While this benefits the news sites, it can be less desirable when a negative article ranks for keywords associated with your online reputation.

How can negative news articles be removed from Google search? To attempt the removal of negative news articles from Google search, you can start by contacting the journalist who wrote the article and requesting its removal. Other methods to remove negative articles include using Google’s DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) form, waiting for the article to fall off the first page naturally, or suppressing the article. Below, you will find further details on each of these methods and how they can improve your online reputation.

  1. Request the Journalist to Remove the Article The initial step is to try reaching out to the journalist who authored the article and politely request its removal. This is the most desirable course of action since deleting the article will result.