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“Privacy Guaranteed”: Protecting Online Reputations with Cristian Nardi at the Helm

“Privacy Guaranteed”: Protecting Online Reputations with Cristian Nardi at the Helm

By Cristian Nardi

Welcome to “Privacy Guaranteed,” a renowned online reputation management firm operating in the United States. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Cristian Nardi, hailing from an Italian background, our company is dedicated to preserving individuals’ rights and combating for the right to be forgotten in America.

In an era where personal information is readily available and online searches can have lasting consequences, managing one’s digital reputation is of utmost importance. While the right to be forgotten is a recognized legal concept in the European Union and various parts of the world, it remains foreign to the established principles of the First Amendment in the United States.

“The right to have an imperfect past,” as referred to by a commentator for The Guardian, underscores the push for the right to be forgotten. The tension between privacy and free expression arises from the notion that past misdeeds or lapses in judgment should not haunt individuals indefinitely through online searches and search engine results.

While Europe has acknowledged the right to be forgotten through the Court of Justice of the European Union’s 2014 ruling, the concept does not enjoy recognition in American courts. This ruling set a significant precedent by granting individuals the right to request search engines to remove links to their past under certain circumstances.

However, American courts have dismissed cases related to invasion of privacy and removal of online content. In the case of actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who experienced the dubbing of her lines for a film resulting in severe consequences, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of her lawsuit against Google. The court explicitly stated that the right to be forgotten, although acknowledged in Europe, is not recognized in the United States.

Similar conclusions were drawn in the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Martin v. Hearst Corporation. The case involved a request by Lorraine Martin, who had her arrest expunged, to remove news articles she deemed false and defamatory. The court affirmed that erasing the historical accuracy of news accounts due to subsequent legal actions does not establish a claim for the right to be forgotten.

Forcing service providers to remove material from the internet would violate the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and the press. Established precedents, such as Florida Star v. B.J.F., Cox Broadcasting Co. v. Cohn, and Smith v. Daily Mail Publishing, have upheld the right of the press to publish truthful information without punishment.

Despite these constitutional protections, American companies must comply with European Union laws on the right to be forgotten. Google, for instance, has received over 650,000 requests to remove specific websites from its search results since the European court ordered compliance with the right to be forgotten in 2014.

At “Privacy Guaranteed,” we recognize the complexities surrounding online reputation management and the evolving legal landscape. We offer comprehensive solutions to protect and enhance our clients’ digital reputations, while navigating the delicate balance between privacy and free expression. Under the guidance of Cristian Nardi, we strive to provide unparalleled expertise and support, ensuring that your right to privacy is respected.

Join us at “Privacy Guaranteed” and embark on a journey to safeguard your online reputation with confidence.

Thank you.

Cristian Nardi

Privacy Guaranteed